What Our Clients Have Said

Air Canada Jazz

"Excellent, great knowledge & sharing real cases, good feedback during and after the modules."

Air Canada Jazz

"Amazing how you need to prepare for different personalities when you interview; great learning regarding the difference in interviewing witnesses, Complainant, Respondent and re-direct."

Palliser Health
Palliser Health

Royal Canadian Mint

"All of it, the case was excellent along with the actors.  The process that Hill Advisory follows is a great learning tool."

Royal Canadian Mint

"The second day experiential learning was fantastic.  Brilliant to use actors and make this truly an experience.  I enjoyed this thoroughly, thank you."

Golder Associates
Golder Associates

Mentor Engineering

"The suggestions, recommendations re: appropriate process and requirements for gathering information and reporting on it, the practical exercise with actors was great."

Mentor Engineering

"Facilitators were excellent! Shared knowledge and experience in a relaxed atmosphere - made the participants feel at ease.  Although very exhausting, very enjoyable!  Valuable info and training to take away."

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Boardwalk Rental Communities

"Learning to identify 'gaps' and base questions to get that info; the entire interview process in the case scenario, I thoroughly enjoyed it all."

Boardwalk Rental Communities

“Afternoon role-plays, good examples of what we might be faced with at some point, along with strategies to potentially deal with the issues” – Calgary

“Great! Very worthwhile session. Highly applicable and very relevant to anyone in a leadership role. A ‘must do’ course laying the framework for leadership excellence development” – Calgary

“Very informative – can be used to make the workplace better” – Richmond

“The dealings with the case studies and discussion groups gave a better understanding on how to deal with different situations” – Victoria

“I found that I gained some clarity on how to deal with harassment in the workplace” -Vernon

“It was a great class and feel it will help in the future when handling harassment issues” – Edmonton

“The role-playing was great and going over the options in different situations – I learned a lot about my role as a Manager”- Saskatoon

“How important intervention is before conflict gets out of hand or out of control” – Regina

“The skits gave a real feel for the problems and emotions involved” – Winnipeg

“The actors were superb!! Use of actors added value” – D. Lennox, Saskatoon

“Thank you. You did a great job.  This was my second time in this class and I definitely needed a refresher” – A. Failler, Saskatoon

“The practicality of having actors/actress really gave me a chance to learn from mistakes in a safe environment” – L. Acoose, Saskatoon

“Preparation/proper phrasing of interview questions – this will be very helpful in several areas for instance, grievance meetings” – J. Mullen, Saskatoon

“Interviewing the Complainant, Respondent and witnesses helped me to learn the interview process” – B. Adams, Grand Prairie

“The course was well presented – provided an approach to conducting investigations that is different (in some ways) from my approach. This will help me in conducting more efficient investigations” – D. Heale, Winnipeg

“Going through the process of preparing, interviewing and discussing the topics – really liked the handouts” – E. Lachevrotiere “Excellent. Can’t wait for Level Two” – J. Shannon, Winnipeg

“Absolutely fantastic – a great balance between ‘lecture’ style and hands-on practice” – C. Armstrong-Either, Lethbridge

“Found the workshop both informative and beneficial …will be able to utilize concepts learned during workshop in practice” – B. Deak, Lethbridge

“The role-playing brought reality to the process” – J. Byrne, Lethbridge

“Very effective; good balance of sharing roles and responsibilities; relaxed & non threatening environment to learn” – L. N-Patillo, Halifax

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training and feel that I could participate in an investigation” – E. McKiggan, Halifax

“Wthout a doubt – the absolute hardest, most tiring learning I have ever undertaken – and well worth it!” – C. Uhren, Halifax

“Overall – it was an excellent workshop – knowledge will be useful also in grievance investigations/meetings” – J. Mullen, Halifax

“The roleplaying was excellent. It was amazing seeing the transformation from teh first interview to the last. Great job!” – K. Seliske, Halifax

“Very effective – role-play very authentic. Very knowledgeable in their field”. – E. Ronayne, Sydney

“This was one of the best courses that I have taken. Informative, timely and knowledgeable”. – N. Paterson, Sydney

“It was a great learning experience.It gave a a broader look at investigations” – F. Skinner, Sydney

“A lot of information, but all very worthwhile & organized. Thanks.” – L. Roche, Halifax

“This was very valuable. If possible I would to send my whole committee!” – J. Foley, Halifax

“I enjoyed this experience and hope to get further training”. – S. Mitchner, Prince Albert

“Good feedback, very informed with all aspects, re: human rights, courts, arbitrations, etc.” – T. McDonald, Prince Albert

“This was very educational for me. The training was excellent. I did not find a least informative part of the workshop!” – J. Ball, Prince Albert

“This is the second time I have taken this workshop and find the material and knowledge transfer excellent”. – A. Cannon, Prince Albert

“Easy to talk to – interesting to listen to – open to questions & discussion, very effective.” – Veronica Slavik, Prince Albert

“This was fantastic. I am looking forward to taking the rest.” – Roy Warnock, Prince Albert

“Very good; able to get different perspectives of different situations, lots of info from both facilitators, a very good job.” – Giselle Marks, Winnipeg

“Enjoyable workshop, great participants.” – D. Carriere, Winnipeg

“Appreciated the learning approach (role plays) and environment.” – D. Cable, Winnipeg

“The hands on experience was great. Discussing issues as a group was helpful. The handouts really helped as well.” – Marilyn Pretty, Calgary

“Superb job! Thanks for all the handouts. Great experience tools!” – Suzette Mack, Calgary

“Excellent course. Will recommend it to peers.” – Joe Hall, Calgary

“One of the best workshops I have attended.” – Gerry Vanít Riet, Calgary

“Fabulous. The exercises were great learning experiences and we were debriefed very well.” – Ian Moir, Yellowknife

“Will be taking Level Two as soon as it is available. This is good learning!” – Myreene Tobin, Yellowknife

“Presentation style was very effective. Questions were welcome throughout, which allowed participants to clarify issues right away and therefore learn more thoroughly.” – Gaeleen MacPherson, Yellowknife

“A very safe & non-threatening environment in which to practice a very important function! Bravo!” – L. Bonneau

“I really enjoyed the 3 days. The exercises were very valuable (& the actors were great!). The information provided was new & up to date; I appreciated having the opportunity to learn from the experts. Thanks.” – E. Slugoski, Regina

“Excellent workshop ñ really learn best by being hands on. Thank you.” – Jacqui Sample, Fort McMurray

“Very fun! A great learning experience.” – Ellice Edey, Fort McMurray

“Getting a good, solid set of procedures to follow; the interviews themselves were very informative! I learned a lot from that exercise” – Erika Fox, Saskatoon

“Excellent. Very easy to understand & follow. They were both patient and helpful, making it easy to learn” – Janice Scrivens, Saskatoon

“The suggestions and tips for interviewing; focusing on ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s’, also the actual interviews using performers was very effective!” – Jane Thomas, Saskatoon

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone. A valuable learning experience that will definitely make a part of my job as an investigator easier. I have some excellent tools to take away with me” -Coreen Roth, Calgary

“Excellent. Best presentation I have been to in a long time. Both facilitators were very easy to understand and presented info in an effective manner” – Gerard Stang, Calgary

“The roleplaying was great. Using actors was excellent, we really felt like we were in an actual investigation” – Arlene Hewitt, Calgary

“The day of interviews was very realistic in many ways – instant feedback, good learning experience. I hope we can take level two!” – Elisabeth Timm, Calgary

“The entire workshop was informative! The nature of the workshop underscored the importance of details & made the information dealt with easy to absorb. One of the most useful workshops I’ve taken to date.” – Ed Scally, Richmond

“Thank you, it met my expectations and more.” – Jackie Barbosa, Richmond

“All areas were informative. The role-playing was very well done and it shed a lot of light on the interview process.” – Debbie Dixon, Richmond

“I have participated in role-playing in the past, nothing to this level. The level of realism made the workshop that much more informative, thank you.” – Don Nichol, Richmond

“Use of the actors really riveted the lesson.” – Pat Pearson, Calgary, Richmond

“I wasn’t bored ever – which is a real compliment to the facilitators. I felt very challenged and stimulated, and I learnt a lot. Thanks.” – Susan Raoke, Calgary, Richmond

“All employees that deal with complaints should take this course. I truly enjoyed all three days and look forward to gaining more information.” – Cheryl Fryers, Calgary, Richmond

“This was the most proactive and informative workshop I have attended.” – Sylvia Dudar, North Battleford

“Very beneficial to hear facilitator’s actual experiences, and it definitely adds a valued contribution. Both facilitators were very open to discussion & questions which is greatly appreciated.” – Tina Bauer, North Battleford

“Very good.  You stepped in when you needed to and clarified any issue and offered us a learning opportunity” – S. Conley, Halifax

“Very much enjoyed the full experience.  Definitely enhanced my skill set.  Enjoyed the process and participating in the investigation. I learned that I love this type of work.” – T. Williams, Halifax

“The hands on experience with the actors was great – I also thought the immediate feedback was critical to the learning” – K. Waldie, Winnipeg

“I really enjoyed this experience. One of the best workshops I have taken since joining HR” – J. Skinner, Winnipeg

“Good job. Actors did great and made it a great experience” – E. Lachevrotiere, Winnipeg

“I feel much more comfortable with my skills as an investigator after this workshop!” – N. Harty, Winnipeg

“Excellent Seminar. Workshop was effective in developing skills, rather than providing information” – D. Heale, Winnipeg

“Extremely effective and encouraging” – T. McLeod, Edmonton

“I learned something at every part of this workshop” – P. Caine, Edmonton

“Very good. Humor, feedback, good teamwork!” – L. N-Patillo, Halifax

“Great learning experience. The actual interviews were invaluable to the learning” – Halifax

“You’ve set the bar (very high). All other courses will now be judged against yours. Thank you.” – C. Uhren, Regina

“This was a challenging and productive experience, and has given me a better background for the work I do. Thank you”. – C. Riekman, Regina

“Learning associated with each interview was fascinating. We improved each time, and will continue to improve.” – K. Seliske, Regina

“Great experience. Valuable & relevant. Thanks!” – S. Stanley, Halifax

“This was an awesome workshop and I will highly recommend it to other members on our team”. – B. Langley, Halifax

“Would definitely recommend it to HR folks!” – Suzette Mack, Calgary

“The immediacy of the feedback each step of the way. The praise & support & encouragement provided to all participants while giving constructive feedback & other ways of doing things!” – B. Heinz, Calgary

“It incorporated every aspect of doing an investigation.” – Michelle Alver, Calgary

“A wonderful workshop, it was brought out so much information to help us.” – R. Warnock, Edmonton

“I really enjoyed the training. It challenged me to think about my skills & areas where I may need further practice & development. I’d welcome further training opportunities”. – H. Jamieson, Edmonton

“One of the best seminars I have attended”. – D. Wilken, Edmonton

“This workshop was valuable for me in the work that I do. I look forward to applying techniques in an investigation.” – Hazel McKiel, Yellowknife

“Very effective, honest, to the point & relevant.” – Dan Schofield, Yellowknife

“Excellent. I liked the instant feedback, it was given constructively and made you re-think.” – Barb Shenton, Richmond

“The whole process was incredible, it gave me a defined process for investigations.” – Ken Schultz, Richmond

“Very well prepared instructions. Good idea on having homework/prep. done before the workshop. Handouts are great!” – K. Sorby, Richmond

“The mapping exercise was quite useful and the role-playing / practice.” – Chris Goyetche, Halifax

“I very much enjoyed this workshop & feel I am taking many useful resolution strategies back to our department. Meeting in our individual groups was very helpful, bringing many different & valuable perspectives together.” – Rose Grue, Halifax

“Very effective. I liked being able to try & solve the problem; getting help with the solution.” – Carol Johnson, Halifax

“This was a great course with lots of learning & excellent instruction” – Lindsay Thomsen, Calgary

“Looking at design and delivery as a whole, it was superb!” – Brian D. Siegner, Calgary

“Facilitators were very knowledgeable on subject matter, hand-outs were concise and informative.” – Fred Hurley, Calgary

“The investigation segment with the professional actors was excellent. The learning I got out of this portion was powerful & informative. I need to do some homework. Thank you!” – Jim Moore, Calgary

“Having the actors involved, as opposed to participants roleplaying is excellent. This goes a long way in helping us learn through realistic exercises” – Mike Cachia, Calgary

“Extremely effective, truly committed to assisting the participants.” – Dolores Murray, Calgary