Investigative Services

Since 1990 we have provided comprehensive and professional investigative services for clients Canada-wide. When you hire Hill Advisory Services to conduct an investigation for your firm, you are getting the very best. Our investigative processes and experience help diffuse conflict and stress within the workplace and our conclusions are always based on the evidence presented. An important consideration in hiring any external investigator is their track record and ours is impeccable. We have never had a finding reversed upon review by an external agency – not one!

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Do you need support with harassment complaints in your organization?

Consider the following:

  • The allegations are grave, ongoing
    and/or escalating
  • Potential liability for your organization increases when complaints are handled poorly
  • Perception of investigator bias can negatively impact an otherwise thorough investigation
  • Complexity of allegations and number
    of main disputants increase difficulty
    for internal investigators
  • A deficient investigation increases the likelihood of it moving to an external jurisdiction which means control of cost, process and end result is lost
  • Employers have an understanding that
    the main parties may likely move the investigation externally and wish to conduct a complete look at the case before that happens
  • Internal investigators may be subjected to a conflict of interest (or the appearance of one) by investigating the person they report to or others in the organization
  • There is an ongoing pattern of complaints and conflict within a certain work area that have not been resolved by previous investigations
  • The end result of an internal investigation is reviewed and found to be incomplete or poorly done necessitating external intervention and/or further investigation.

Is it time for your organization to consult with our harassment experts?

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Additional Services

A Workplace Assessment is a way of examining a workplace or working unit, to ascertain, through observation, direct dialogue, and examples of situations, what over-all environment exists within that particular workplace or working unit.

Usually an Assessment is completed because of a concern that the workplace or specific department has an existing environment that is unhealthy in some manner.  The concern is usually demonstrated by staff turnover, low morale, staff conflicts, harassment/discrimination complaints and general complaints or incidents – all indicators that some things within the environment may need adjusting.

Hill Advisory Services can help identify such problem issues as:

  • Training or lack of training
  • Lack of sufficient equipment required to perform job tasks effectively
  • Lack of job satisfaction
  • Concerns regarding safety in the workplace
  • Inappropriate performance appraisal methods
  • Lack of communication/feedback
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Lack of disciplinary measure for problem employees
  • Lack of formal harassment policies/procedures

We have conducted Workplace Assessments for organizations ranging from a staff of 10 up to 200 employees, no assessment is too large or too small.  The focus of the Workplace Assessment varies from client to client, depending on the needs identified by your organization.  We work with you to customize a solution that will target the correct issues.

We welcome you to contact us and learn how we can help you with improving morale and rebuilding a workplace that is highly productive.

Please contact Dylan Hill at or 204-470-7111 for more details on our process and to engage our services.

The goal of our coaching program is to assist employees, management and executives to resolve conflicts, while learning transferable skills applicable to other interactions or conflicts in the workplace.

How does it work?

Your organization assesses the individual (and the conflict) to determine that it rightfully belongs in the Coaching area – rather than a more formal process. A Hill Advisory coach will then perform an initial assessment with the individual and conflict to ensure it is a best fit for the situation.  This assessment will occur during a meeting with the individual either in person or via technology.

Throughout the program our coach maintains contact with the individual, as often as needed, to enable growth within the individual, a change in perspective and an improvement in the individual’s ability to see issues before they arise, to deal with current issues in a more positive manner and to spread those skills within the organization.

A successful Coaching outcome creates an ambassador for positive communication and personal accountability within the organization.  Although coaching techniques will vary depending on the individual, some strategies are based on discussions, assignments, reporting on assignments and individual insights.

We would welcome any questions you may have regarding this unique solution!

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