Sheri Swain

Sheri Swain joined Hill Advisory Services in 2000. As our event planner, Sheri assists our Harassment experts by working towards our vision of reaching the human resource community with our quality education programs in Harassment Investigation techniques.

Sheri strives to meet our client requests across Canada and will most often be your first contact when requesting or registering for our Harassment Investigation workshops.

Sheri’s portfolio also includes research and development of harassment cases featured in The Hill Advisory News, our quarterly newsletter. Hill Advisory News keeps us and everyone who receives this publication current on the latest activities in the harassment and discrimination field.

She is also active with our on-going participation at trade shows, and conferences. Sheri would be pleased to hear from you to discuss how Hill Advisory might assist your organization – are you wondering about?

  • How to book one of our harassment experts as a guest speaker
  • Where our next workshop will be held
  • How to arrange training on-site at your organization
  • A consult, do you have a ‘what if’ question , and want to chat with an expert?
  • A little more info about Hill Advisory; packages can be mailed upon request
  • Custom Harassment Solutions for your organization, how to get started…

Sheri Swain can be reached at