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  • About Us

Company History


Since 1990 we have been investigating cases of harassment and discrimination Canada wide.  We train internal investigators in the same safe, reliable and respectful techniques that we use to conduct fair, thorough and effective investigations.

Our Experience:  

Our experience has shown that approximately 70% of unresolved workplace conflict becomes a formal complaint.  This percentage applies throughout Canada, in every industry or workplace.  When analyzing  investigations we would see over and over that often the issues started as conflict and then, because the conflict was either dealt with inappropriately or not dealt with at all – it grew into more serious issues.

Our Conclusion:

We need to support leaders, supervisors and managers in their attempts to resolve workplace conflicts. We also need to provide the same support to internal investigators involved in workplace investigations.

The Result:

Hill Advisory Services has created a series of workshops that are both experiential and informational.  We work with professional actors to bring real cases of conflict and/or workplace investigations to participants so they can work through the situations in a practical sense.  We see this providing confidence and support to supervisors and managers and internal investigators.  This training moves beyond the ‘theory-based’ learning events to provide a hands-on, practical approach.


Meet Our Team

  • Cam Hill

    Cam HillCHRP - President

    Highly motivated, experienced certified Human Resources professional with exceptional skills and experience in the areas of investigation, mediation, dispute resolution and training. Currently operating as an independent human resource consultant with previous employment experience ranging from that of a Labour Relations Specialist to Director of Human Resources for organizations having over 1700 employees.  Cam’s thirty years of combined public and private sector experience has resulted in keen awareness of the particular challenges faced by all organizations with a proven ability to quickly find the right solutions for clients. Cam Hill leads our Executive Coaching program, working closely with leaders of industry to develop a path for professional growth.

  • Dylan Hill

    Dylan HillVice-President

    Working in this highly variable area since 1999 has resulted in a keen sense for problem solving and successfully dealing with high pressure workplace situations. As a lead investigator Dylan Hill maintains a high level of sensitivity during complex and confidential workplace matters – resulting in positive outcomes for all parties involved in the conflict. As a lead facilitator in our training projects, Dylan Hill’s involvement includes conducting workshops in Respectful Workplaces; Harassment Investigation Techniques; and Dispute Resolution.  These programs have been delivered at the employee level ranging up to specialized training initiatives for management and executives. Dylan is also responsible for the development of our E- Learning product and all aspects of the program.

  • Sheri Swain

    Sheri SwainManager

    As our event planner, Sheri strives to meet our client requests across Canada and will most often be your first contact when requesting information or registering for our workshops. Sheri has been working with Hill Advisory since 2000 and is pleased to assist with any inquiry you may have. Are you wondering about?

    • How to book one of our Investigators as a guest speaker
    • Where our next workshop will be held
    • How to arrange training on-site at your organization
    • A consult, do you have a ‘what if’ scenario, and want to chat with an expert?
    • A little more info about Hill Advisory Services
    • Custom training solutions for your organization, how to get started…