Hill Advisory Services – Investigation Level Two Workshop – Pre-Work Materials

Greeting Participants,

You have now all received the advance information for our upcoming Harassment Investigation Level Two workshop. In order to maximize the learning for everyone, we would request that you become familiar with the materials provided. You all have varying levels of investigation experience and you should treat the information provided to you as advanced material to aid in your planning. To be very frank, act as you would with real information going into real interviews, in a real investigation. You will need to prepare to interview witnesses as well as the primary parties (the Complainant and Respondent). The Level Two workshop gets right into the interview process on the first day, we would ask you to please take this opportunity to prepare in advance. We would also like you to bring these documents to the training for your own reference.

For those enrolled in Level One – we cover the initial process of an investigation in that workshop and are able to answer your questions at that time. For those joining the class (having attended a Level One with us in the past) then you have a good idea of what you will find in Level Two.

If you have any questions or need to address anything that will aid you in your planning please contact me via email, dhill@hilladvisory.com, or call our office at 204 831 7661, and we can arrange a convenient time to discuss.

I look forward to working with you soon! Sincerely,

Dylan Hill, Vice-President of Hill Advisory Services

Download the Pre-Work Materials below!

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