Harassment Investigation  – Refresher Training



Course Outline

This two-day training program is designed for past attendees of our Investigation workshops, looking to advance their investigation skills and/or refresh their techniques.  Past attendance in our Investigation Level One program is a pre-requisite

Areas of focus:

  • Questioning techniques
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Analyzing evidence
  • Overcoming objections
  • Overcoming bias

Method of Learning: 

Hill Advisory Training relies on the principles of active learning, in that a topic is discussed and immediately followed by an activity; either in small groups or in a larger group. We use professional actors to immerse learners into topics of interest. All participants of this session will be familiar with this method of learning from our past sessions.


Day 1

Lecture – developing questions, questioning technique. 

Task – Small groups will be asked to develop a question plan for a specific chunk of  information that resembles a complaint they may investigate in their workplace. 

Review and feedback on task – particular attention will be paid to the logical underpinnings of the questions plan, a methodical process for developing questions will be refreshed, missing questions will be identified, phrasing will be discussed. 

Working with Actors – spent in small groups, questioning a witness with the plans formulated. Actors will react realistically to group responses. The facilitator will work with the group as events occur, to provide tools for managing interviews. 

Day 2 

Lecture and demonstration of managing information obtained from interviews 

Small group task to formulate a portion of a final report based on the interview 

Review and feedback on the task – refresher on format and current template provided 

Lecture on the building blocks and considerations for forming conclusions based on evidence and policy 

Small group task – formulate conclusions 

Seating will be limited, early registration is recommended